Decide together!

Accord makes democratic decision-making easier. Use Accord’s tools and guidance to reach new collaborative heights while remaining inclusive, fair, and robust.

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Always robust

Set quorum and use voting methods frequently prescribed by parliamentary procedures and statutes, such as:

  • plurality, including two-thirds majority
  • approval voting, including consensus decision-making
  • score voting
  • single-transferable vote elections
  • …and more to be released soon!

Accord avoids bias by default: choices are hidden until the end and anonymized throughout unless configured otherwise.


Inclusive and fair

Adding options while a vote is ongoing can exclude voters who aren’t available to check back frequently. Accord allows teams to make exceptions to reliably inclusive, fair defaults.

Voters who won't be available for a vote but want their voice to be heard can delegate their vote to someone else using Accord.


Adding features constantly

Lots of features are on Accord’s roadmap, including integrations for Microsoft Teams and Discord, issue tracking, meetings, and networks of trust. If you’d like to make a suggestion or contribute to development, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at [email protected]!