What is Accord?

Accord is a service that aims to help groups of people of all kinds do more democratic decision-making. It's that simple.

Right now, Accord mainly helps by automating the most delicate parts of the decision-making experience, namely by fixing the decision content, closing at a specific time, keeping responses anonymous, and counting direct and delegated votes.

Where is Accord available?

Currently Accord is available only as a Slack app, though it will soon have a native experience here on the web and we’re planning to develop integrations with Discord and Microsoft Teams as well.

To get started on Slack:

Add Accord to your Slack team

For more information, you can read more at Accord for Slack.

How does Accord work?

You can create ‘decisions’ using Accord, where you specify the matter your group will democratically decide on, the available options, and the way votes are cast and counted.

For more information on how decisions are configured, you can read more at Decision settings.