Creating a new decision in Accord for Slack

To create a new decision, type /decide (without anything after the command) and send.

Step 1: Add content

The /decide command will invoke a modal like this one:

Step 1 in the decision creation modal

At a minimum, decisions need a title and one option (since even in a single-option decision, the option can fail to win). If you need more than two options, you can use the 'Add option' button at the bottom. Empty options will be removed from the decision, so if you need to remove an option you can simply clear the input in that field.

If you close the modal at this first step, Accord will delete your draft. If you’d like to save what you’ve written in the first step, proceed to any of the next steps before closing the modal.

Step 1½: Confirm content

The decision post preview in the decision creation modal

In the next step, you’ll confirm the title, description, and options. As the modal notes, this can’t be changed once the decision is posted. This limitation is designed to improve inclusivity by guaranteeing participants won’t need to monitor the decision for changes.

If you need to make changes, simply use the 'Back' button to return to the first step, otherwise proceed by using the 'Next' button.

Step 2: Configure settings

The settings step in the decision creation modal

In the settings step, you’ll configure the decision. Most of the settings here are described in Decision settings.

The only Slack-specific option here is ‘Post in’, where you choose the conversation where the decision will be posted, which also determines which Slack users can vote on the decision. Any user with access to the conversation at any time while the decision is open can vote on the decision. If a Slack user votes on a decision, then leaves the conversation where the decision is posted, their vote will still count.

If your decision is a delicate one, we recommend using private channels or group direct messages instead of public channels to facilitate a more stable group of voters. As with other aspects of a decision, the conversation where the decision is posted can’t be changed later, the decision can only be withdrawn.

Once your decision is posted, you can withdraw it while it is still open from the home tab.